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The Future of Senior Care

In light of the ongoing challenges in staffing, declining census numbers, and the increasing need for transparency, it is crucial to understand the significant impact that technology can have in addressing these issues. Hear from experts on how technology can play a pivotal role in overcoming these obstacles and driving positive change within our organization.

RCare Nurse Call Systems

RCare addresses the specific needs of your residents, caregiving staff and operators. RCare Mobile handles on-the-go caregiving needs including alerts, communications, messaging, care coordination, activity tracking and more. Build your own RCare e-call platform with added features: resident and environmental monitoring, PERS, advanced resident location, staff duress pendant, multi-site enterprise dashboard and customized analytics. RCare is integrated with PointClickCare, Amazon’s Alexa, GrandCare Systems and Accutech wander management.
RCare At A Glance

Wired E-Call

Powerful, flexible, full-IP, wired e-call that works with all RCare Wireless.

RCare Mobile

The power of a smartphone created especially for caregivers


Waterproof personal alert device for seniors with lanyards or wristbands

Brighton Solutions MPERS Technology and Monitoring

Brighton helps entrepreneurial companies large and small offer mobile emergency alert systems to their customers. Whether your target market is seniors and their caregivers, lone workers or personal safety users, Brighton’s turn-key platform lets you get these life safety services in the hands of your customers.

Memory Care and Wander Management

Protecting “at-risk” residents from the threat of elopement has become a high priority for skilled nursing, assisted living, and rehab facilities. Wander Management solutions provides flexible and reliable wander management protection that seamlessly integrates with most community’s e-call and nurse call systems.

ResidentGuard Wander Management System

ResidentGuard is designed to be a fully functional dedicated system, OR customized to your facility’s specific needs.
The systems can work with nurse call systems, radios, pagers, iOS or Android devices and our technology allows you to turn the tags on and off conserving battery strength,and allows your staff to see visual indicators that it is active on the easy-to-clean, water-resistant tags and wristbands your residents wear.

Ascom teleCARE IP Wander Alarm Management

Wander Alarm, elopement and loiter management functionality is an integral part of an Ascom teleCARE IP nurse call solution. It is not a separate component or installation. It does not require separate management systems or dedicated mobile devices. Wander alerts can be sent to the same device, an Ascom Myco 3 smartphone, for instance, that staff use for other communication, coordination and collaboration tasks.

Mobile Devices Improve Care

Eliminate 1000s of wasted minutes per caregiver each week by incorporating purpose built smartphones to your e-call/nurse call. Wi-Fi only, trackable phones run only on your network, can be centrally managed and offer numerous benefits.

  • Resident callbacks improve response time
  • Respectfully guide residents away from doors and stairwells
  • Secure texting among staff eliminates wasted time
  • Timely alerts = safer environment



Enterprise grade, PAAS (Platform as a Service) TV based, award winning, HIPAA compliant, social / clinical / operational engagement and benefits, all fully integrated, easy to install, use and manage.

Create top line growth, bottom line efficiencies, and brand benefits. Achieve “quadruple aim” through higher quality of life, higher staff efficiencies and effectiveness, better outcomes, and more profitable partnerships.

  • Central Location For Community Information – Calendars, Dining Menus, Special Events and More
  • Daily Living Reminders Custom to Each Resident – Like daily check ins, medication reminders, and doctor appointments
  • Secure video chat, photo and message sharing directly from their TV – SImple to use, no logins, one remote
  • Record Life Stories and Play Photo Memories especially for those in Memory Care

Independa stores resident data securely in the cloud, accessible through a simple to use, customizable dashboard from desktop, laptop or tablet browsers, or the Independa mobile app for iOS and Android. Use existing hardware, simple to install and intuitive to use. Plus it’s very affordable.

The Independa platform is backwards-compatible, future-proof and highly secure. Our support team maintains the software remotely, so you don’t have to worry about costly installations or upgrades. IT has never been easier.

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Secure data storage
  • Easy remote access
  • No maintenance costs
  • Mobile or desktop access
  • Seamless upgrades


StaffAlerter – Assisted Living

StaffAlerter provides resident notifications, facility monitoring, and safety for staff through the use of Personal Alert Devices (PAD) and tracking with Geo Fencing for at risk residents.

StaffAlerter is an affordable hybrid cloud Command and Control System leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT).

StaffAlerter utilizes the high reliability of the Amazon AWS network coupled with the Particle cloud to provide unsurpassed security and reliability for all StaffAlerter applications and services.

With StaffAlerter, routine and emergency notifications can be sent as programmed messages or as on demand alerts.

Integrate your existing systems with StaffAlerter

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